Monday, September 21, 2009

The Grand Tour revisited

Well this weekend is the Flea Market. I see it as pointless since the items youd really want (ie fossils, pricey fish) are never for sale. I also lost yet another axe, but then again id feel weird if I didnt lose it. I snatched up a painting from Redd that turned out to be a forgery. I think I've gotten maybe two that were 'authentic'. Curt the bear got better and I got..tile? Okay, well thanks! To top this post off is a tour of my redecorated home.

There's no story here, I just love that line.

It's between Redd and the axe-stealer now.

Not giving me the bathtub huh?

Here's the main room.. I'm close to getting the entire 'Modern' set

Here's more of it, and my character to match.

Here's the basement, with a distinct Japanese theme.

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