Monday, December 7, 2009

I snow it!

Yesterday I took care of some pest control, and it finally started snowing in Azure today. The ground isnt coated so there's no snowball to shape into disappointed snowmen. Last year I wasnt aware of the precise specs for rolling a snowman, so i only made one that was perfect, but essentially you have to roll a snowball around to get it to maximum size, then do the same with another THEN roll it briefly over a snowless patch of ground so it's slightly smaller before pushing it on top of the first. Maybe this year ill get another one that i can post but it's more likely that ill have a gallery of failed attempts along with their insults.

I never miss a chance for this.

Ooh a Poe, catch it in a jar!

Victory once again!

Actually there are pansies still alive out in the real world too

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