Monday, February 1, 2010

A visit from Michelle of Otherton

A good friend of mine recently got her own copy of animal crossing. I was pleased to discover that she had a fruit growing that I didnt have, and though you dont get different prices for different imported fruits its nice to know I have peaches,apples,pears,coconuts and now cherries. Our visit went from my town to hers. We had fun, and I commemorated the event with the giving of a hat. Huzzah!

We went to my home, watched a bit of tv, tried becoming the hero of time...

..Then we mocked the latest fashions.

I so eloquently explained the intricacies of fishing..

..with mad skills.

A visit to the museum wasnt complete without a look at my complete fossil collection..

..or the bug fights.

Then we did a little shopping.

To Otherton!

Michelle doesn't get along with Curly.

I just make them nervous.

Tom Nook's starter shop brought back memories.

This was new though, psh!

The evening ended with ruthless cherry hoarding.

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