Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Quest continues

So today my meanderings into animal crossing were pretty tame, untill of course I came upon the fountain (also gaudily decorated with the bragging rights of a perfectly maintained town) and threw in my axe. Now ive had the fountain for a month and throw an axe in nearly every day and I still havent gotten a gold or silver axe even. Observe the horror.

I've bought more of these than i'd like to admit..

Here we go, throwing it in...
Nope sorry, turns out she was out of Gold Axes

It was rather frustrating to come so close and yet again go without it so I vented with some fishing and paid off a little more of my mortgage. I love a game where you start out in debt.

They're jerks anyway

Which comes out to 400 peaches/apples..weee

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