Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

When I got Animal Crossing it was already November, so I just missed this particular event, so there's still a holiday I was anticipating. The premise is simple. You go around town getting candy either from the store or your neighbors, which you then give to Jack. Several townsfolk are set up as his doppelgangers. They look just like him and also demand candy and if you dont give it to them they turn it into a jack in the box. When you do manage to give the candy to Jack he'll give you a piece of spooky furniture. Problem is, he seems to have no problem giving you five dressers before forking over the vanity. I gave up after I counted three each of only five different pieces from the set and an hour and forty minutes had passed. I leave you this account of the events nonetheless.


Great I'm getting mugged, and I thought I was obsessed with candy!

That's a wicked title.

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